The 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative (21CWI) has launched Build Freedom, a project highlighting the situation in Nigeria. By building a shelter similar to those used by Nigerians who have fled Boko Haram, Build Freedom provides a meaningful opportunity for churches, university groups and individuals to better understand and address this ongoing crisis.


This shelter was designed by Habitat for Humanity of Winchester, Frederick and Clarke, a chapter located in northwestern Virginia near Washington D.C. It’s designed to resemble a typical Internally Displaced Person (IDP) shelter as found in IDP camps around the world.




This uniquely designed shelter creates an interactive simulation that invites participants to learn, pray, and practically stand with those who are suffering. This immersive experience is a practical and powerful platform to learn what can be done to support those who have been forced to flee from the violence of terrorism, war and conflict.

If you, your group or your church would like to build your own IDP shelter to educate and engage the public about this humanitarian crisis, please email us at:

We’ll send you a detailed manual on how to build your IDP shelter and provide access to our online DropBox folder with all of the files you’ll need.

Thank you for participating.