Widow who fled Boko Haram and resides in New Kuchigoro IDP camp

1. Pray

While traveling through Nigeria, we met a remarkable woman named Lolade. She and her two children were captured and sent to a Boko Haram camp. After two months of brutal captivity she escaped and ran through the forest to safety carrying her two children. She said to us, “I pray that God should not allow this kind of situation to come into the West.” If those who have suffered like this can pray for us, will we do the same for them?

2. Build Awareness

One UN aid executive recently described Nigeria as the “world’s most neglected humanitarian crisis”. Use these messages on social media platforms to #StandWithNigeria and help build awareness of the problem.


Hiding in caves, whole communities reduced to eating grass, captives of Boko Haram and unforgettable stories of hope and courage. #StandWithNigeria

738 Nigerians murdered in the first four months of this year. Here’s what YOU can do to make a difference. #StandWithNigeria

You’ve heard about Boko Haram. Have you heard about the Fulani militants now ravaging central Nigeria? This is the world’s most neglected crisis. #StandWithNigeria

276 Chibok girls were kidnapped two years ago in northern Nigeria. Get the latest update #BringBackOurGirls #StandWithNigeria


Fractured and Forgotten – the gripping account of persecution in Nigeria and what you can do to. #StandWithNigeria

“Our people are refugees sleeping on the streets. We’re appealing to you to do everything you can.” #StandWithNigeria

13,000 churches destroyed, millions of Muslims displaced and a million children without education #StandWithNigeria

This group just went to Nigeria.You won’t believe what they saw. #StandWithNigeria

3. Give

Every dollar matters. If we all chip in, there’s no limit to what we can do. We’re working to restore hope and justice, and for as little as $20 you can help ensure a voice for those seeking religious freedom. Text “Give” to
571-414-0866 and follow the prompts OR go to

4. Raise Your Voice

Tell your leaders that you expect them to stand with those suffering discrimination for their faith and terrorism by Boko Haram and Fulani militants, in one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world.

Ask them to:

• support the creation of a Special Envoy for Nigeria and the Lake Chad Region

• insist on the development of a comprehensive roadmap to peace

• support a UN designation of this situation as an L3 humanitarian crisis.

Some key contacts:

White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships:

Department of State, Office of Religion and Global Affairs:

Find your House Representative’s contact information:

5. Learn More

The situation in Nigeria is complex. Use the Stand with Nigeria site’s Resources section to go deeper. Follow @21wilberforce on Twitter, and friend 21 Wilberforce on Facebook. Google news on Nigeria. Download, read and share the full “Fractured and Forgotten” report.

6. Join The Team

Do you want to stay aware about what’s happening in Nigeria, and many other places around the world where more than five billion people experience ongoing discrimination and persecution because of their religion? Sign up for our Speak Freedom A!ert e-newsletter at and be part of the team.

7. Take a Leadership Role

Are you passionate about standing with the persecuted and reaching a transformative peace? Volunteer in one of the following ways:
• Social Media Evangelist
• Church Mobilizer
• Resource Champion
• Office Liaison.

Download the Volunteer Action Pack for more information and take a leadership role today!

8. Engage Your Faith Community

Since 2000, more than 13,000 churches have been abandoned, closed or destroyed in Nigeria. More Muslims have been killed and displaced than any other religious adherents. What if faith communities from around the world began to pray, educate, equip and engage their members through a Stand with Nigeria Solidarity Sunday? For ideas on how to get started visit the Church page on this site and download the Church Action Pack (coming soon).

9. Build a Relationship

Many times practical engagement can begin at home. There is likely a Nigerian immigrant or a Nigerian faith community in your area. Reach out to them, listen to their stories and seek a meaningful friendship.

10. Stay Dedicated

Continue to check the Stand with Nigeria site for updates, new videos, and new ways to help. Look for ways to talk about the situation in Nigeria with those around you.

You can read or download the entire Individual Action Pack HERE.